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2017 New Product Show

20th Annual New Product Show


July 26, 2017

9am - 2pm


Radison Hotel ( formerly UPSKY)

Motor Parkway, Smithtown NY


Free Desk Calendars with $10.00 purchase.  

Giveway table with lots of free items!!


Island School and Art Supply’s


July 26, 2017

Is proud to host



Workshop #24                                                                                               Grades K through 6

Increase Student Achievement w/Academic Vocabulary                         Fee $ 35.00

8:30 am – 11:00 pm


Imagine how much hard your life would be if you didn’t understand 75% of the words you currently know!  How hard would it  be to read a passage of text if you didn’t know many of the words in the passage.  Research is clear that vocabulary predicts reading ability, and should be explicitly taught.  Making the critical words second nature to our students will enhance achievement within reading and will also enhance achievement on assessments.  The more vocabulary the child hears from his or her teachers, the greater the lifelong vocabulary.  And an easy way to get the larger vocabulary is for teachers to role model it, expect it, and make it part of the learning.  This workshop will focus on helping you to increase your students’ use of academic vocabulary through various fun activities that will help strengthen students’ reading and writing skills.



Workshop #25                                                                                            Grades K through 5

Putting It All Together (Interactive Notebooks)                                    Fee $ 40.00

12:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Interactive notebooks are used widely throughout classrooms so it is important for educators to understand the theories that support their use.  Interactive notebooks are a unique form of note taking and allows students to become active participants in their learning.  This workshop will focus on helping you to establish an interactive notebook to share with your class in the upcoming school year and how to allow students to be active participants in their own learning.  (Note:  45 minutes of this workshop will be allotted to you making and taking your very own interactive notebook to use as a model with your future class.)  The fee includes the materials to create your own notebook.


Workshops will be held on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Radisson Hotel (631-231-1100)

110 Motor Parkway

Hauppauge, NY  11788


Nykki Montecalvo will be the presenter for both workshops.


All interested parties may register by calling or stopping in to any store location!!